Wow!!  My husband and I were so impressed with their service, honesty, quality, and prices.  They are on time (and even early).  They took great care not to track snow or dirt into the house.  Also, they cleaned up right afterwards.  It looked like no one had replaced a furnace.  The difference in the furnace was amazing.  Our old furnace we were still cold at 71 degrees F, but this furnace is just right at 66 degrees F.  Also, Sean, the owner, is great at communicating and very polite.  Everyone was very polite and I have absolutely no complaints, just praise for this company.  We will definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone and would never hesitate to call them again.  Also, they were done ahead of schedule!!!  Also, we had a problem with our rental furnace, and he checked it out that day and adjusted (minor) it without charge.   Go above and beyond required service.  Just great!!!
- Jennell Arce

Shaun was absolutely amazing!  I was stunned by the service I got from these guys.  The information was excellent, and the price was less than 25% of what some folks have charged.  My furnace is getting old, but Shaun gave it a bit more life.  Hopefully we can make it through the winter.  I priced furnaces at ALL the providers in Utah county, and Shaun quoted the lowest price for a name brand furnace.  With that kind of service, and those prices, I know where I'm going to get my next furnace.  I think you should too

- Joe Spencer


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Got a new furnace and air conditioner and a humidifier installed today !!!!   Great service,  it was lot of work,  these guys have to do a little of everything, even trimming bushes and leveling the ground.  Another company came out and worried about where they could run pipes, spent lots of time walking around and through the house , looking in eaves, and swearing  and not sure if they could do it.  These guys never mention it being a problem, they just did it quickly, neatly and efficiently . I'm happy, I saved money and got a great unit !!!   I'll report if something goes wrong, but I am thinking it will be okay, they took time to check things out and run the systems before leaving and explain how to change filters and work new thermostat. Not a fun thing to have replace, but they made it rather painless and I felt like I got a fair price.
- Julie Baird

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