How We Are Helping in Stopping the Spread of Coronavirus

We are an essential business! We understand that since we are a home service company that visits multiple houses a day – which puts us at risk for spreading the virus. This is why we are EXTRA careful when it comes to sanitizing, social distancing, and wearing our masks.

HVAC employee
Face mask

Masks Required

  • Office and field staff are required to wear masks at all times. Wearing a mask but not covering the nose is not acceptable to this requirement.
  • We also wear masks on our feet (not really). Technicians are provided with shoe-booties to wear when in customers’ homes and to be discarded after each home visit.
Wash hands


  • Offices, bathrooms, vans, equipment, and any other high-touch areas such as door handles are all sanitized multiple times a day.
  • Van interior and any equipment that a technician uses on a job site are required to be sanitized with our hospital-grade sanitizer after each use. This includes cloth seats, the floor, door handles, etc.
  • Hand sanitizer provided to every employee.

Small Groups

  • Our warehouse has implemented strict time rules where only 1 field crew can be present at a time to promote social distancing. Crews are kept with the same 2-3 people on different job sites.
  • Most employees are allowed to work from home. The remaining office staff is separated and given their own unique space that is not allowed to be used by someone else. Desks, phones, keyboards, and any other surfaces are sanitized multiple times a day.
Caution inside

We Stay Home

  • Our company promotes staying home if an employee feels sick whatsoever, and we ask for a negative COVID-19 test before returning to work if the employee has experienced any symptoms.
  • We ask that employees do not travel during this time – if they do choose to travel, we ask that they quarantine before returning to work.

Indoor Air Quality Products

  • Our hospital-grade indoor air quality products have been implemented into office spaces and vans.