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Utah and Salt Lake County Furnace Repair

Nothing is worse than waking up on a winter morning and discovering your furnace has stopped working and your home is cold. Is your furnace under-producing heat? Or does it keep turning off after you turn it on? Is it’s making weird noises?

Try these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Check your filter! Even if you have changed it recently, filters can become dirtier than normal in a faster time frame due to things like construction in or around your home, pet dander, or season changes. Our rule-of-thumb is if your filter looks like a grey cat – change it! We recommend Merv 8 through Merv 16 pleated filters because they are the best at trapping dust and grime.
  2. Check your breaker. If you have recently lost power, flip the breaker for the furnace. If this doesn’t help, check the switch (looks like a light switch) located next to the furnace.
  3. Check your thermostat. After checking that your thermostat is on, make sure it is set to “heat”. If you have a Smart Thermostat, check to see if there are any error messages.

If you’ve tried all these tips, it might be time to call in Utah’s Trusted HVAC Professionals. We offer 24/7 emergency furnace repair – including holidays. Typically, furnace repairs can be expensive, but Gillette Heating & Air Conditioning offers free services to diagnose the issue with your furnace repair. We work closely with our supply houses to get the best price to be able to extend that to our customers.

Repairing your furnace is an excellent option for homeowners with furnaces that are still relatively new. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment – if there is an issue with your furnace, there is always a possibility there could be a safety issue such as carbon monoxide leaks. If your furnace works, but is not performing the way it should, it could lead to rising costs in utilities to accommodate for it working harder to produce heat.

Our Memberships offer not only 10% off any and all repairs, but there are also other included benefits. Enjoy Priority 24/7 Dispatch at no additional charge for any after-hours emergencies as well as included scheduled maintenance visits. This membership is available to Commercial and Residential Properties – and can be extremely beneficial for those with Rental Properties! Check out our Memberships Tab if you are interested.

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Gillette Heating and Air Conditioning will NEVER try to sell you a new furnace if there is a way we can solve the problem with the existing one. Our goal is to help you save money but maintain the comfort in your home as if it were a brand-new system. By repairing a furnace with us, you’ll feel at ease knowing that we can provide optimal prices on the costs without sacrificing great service. Our Service Technicians are knowledgeable, professional, and always honest about what your furnace needs to succeed. We encourage you to check out our reviews where our customers have expressed their opinions on our unbeatable services. Trust Utah’s Trusted HVAC Professionals – Gillette Heating & Air Conditioning.

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