Another month is over yet again and you are already fearing the utility bill that will reach you in the next few days? Do you feel like you are spending too much money on your heating, ventilation and air conditioning for the amount of energy you are actually using per month? Then you are not alone and you have come to the right place. We are going to show you some ways that will help you save money on your utility bill, which, due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic might have risen over the last year; people are supposed to stay at home and, therefore, also use up more energy. Of course, heating, ventilation and air conditioning are important systems everyone needs in their home, but with a few tips and tricks regarding the efficient use of energy, you will be able to save some money every month, no matter your budget.

HVAC systems and HVAC companies and contractors in Utah

Heating and air conditioning are the two main parts of the HVAC system installed in a home that consume most of the energy. However, there are some very simple and every-day things you can do in order to decrease your utility bill. The main thing that should be taken care of is maximising the efficiency of your cooling and/or heating systems. This can be done in the following ways: First of all, check your seals on doors and windows regularly and if they are faulty, fix them; there are HVAC contractors in Utah who will check on and maintain your duct sealings and also offer emergency services, so if you discover a leak late at night, Utah’s best heating and air conditioning services will be here to help. Also, make sure to insulate your home properly, in order to keep the heat and the cold out. In that way you can use the energy available to you more efficiently. Secondly, if you own a programmable thermostat, turn it down when you are asleep or not at home. This will save you a great amount of money.

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A programmable thermostat allows easy adjusting of temperature in your home.

Thirdly, ensure that your furniture does not block any vents and the air is able to flow freely into the room. Especially in summer, when the days are hot and you do not want to be sweating in your home, it is important to keep your vents clean, so that the cold air can egress efficiently. For the same reason, air and furnace filters should also be kept clean. Make sure to regularly take all vents and filters off, not only to remove dust and debris, but also to check whether they are still faultless. If not, they should be changed or repaired. It is also important to repair your furnace should it not work properly anymore. All of the above is part of maintaining a HVAC system and should be done at regular intervals, in order to keep your utility bill low and your energy efficiency high.


Keep your home cool when days are hot

Another good option is to replace your furnace with an electric heat pump. Heat pumps are very efficient when it comes to changing the temperature of your home; they move heat from one place to another, without creating the heat themselves. They also allow you to cool your place by carrying out roughly the same process. In addition, there are some natural and almost freeof-charge ways in which you can keep your home cool during hot summer months: You can use blinds and shades to keep the heat out and thereby reduce the use of your air conditioning. Another natural way to enjoy some shade in the summer is to plant shrubs or trees outdoors close to your house or place plants next to the windows inside. This will keep a good amount of sunlight out.

Appliances and New Purchases

If possible, run your appliances, like the dishwasher and washing machine, at night. This will result in avoiding peak hours of electricity demand and moreover, the heat they produce while working will not bother you during the day and in turn will not cause you to turn your air conditioning up even higher. Whenever you get a new household appliance or a new HVAC system, make sure to choose one that is Energy Star certified. These are products that make use of energy efficient systems, so you can save money and, in addition, cut your energy usage, from which the environment will profit, too. Especially old gadgets that are still found in some homes are very energy consuming and cost a lot of money. If that is the case in your home too, it might be worth checking out some new replacements; even though you then have to pay for a new system or contract another HVAC company in Utah, it can be very profitable in the long run. Apart from HVAC systems, there are also other appliances in the household that use up a lot of energy, for example, a fridge and freezer, coffee maker or kettle. Here you can save some money too, by simply turning the temperature of your fridge and freezer up by a few degrees, which will keep your food fresh but save a lot of energy. When it comes to the coffee maker, kettle and similar household appliances it is useful to plug them out when you are not using them; some of their features still need energy even when not in use. However, if you plug them out, they will obviously not use electricity at all.

There are numerous HVAC companies in Utah, so check the contract you currently have and compare it with other companies’ offers to find Utah’s best heating and air conditioning. Find the HVAC contractor that suits you, your budget and your needs most. Many HVAC companies and contractors in Utah also offer all kinds of repair services, including air conditioning service and maintenance, furnace repair and ventilation maintenance. Moreover, you can find tips and answers to your questions about HVAC systems, specifically about air conditioning and furnace repair and maintenance, on your contractor’s website. Utah’s best heating and air conditioning companies also offer a 24/7 emergency service that will assist you at any time of the day or night

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