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Utah and Salt Lake County Furnace Maintenance

When should I have my furnace maintenance done? October is our recommended time to schedule a Furnace Tune-Up. This is the perfect time to have one of our technicians come out to assess the health of your furnace because we can detect any upcoming or current issues that can be resolved before the harsh winter weather hits.

Why is it a good idea to tune up my furnace? Maintenance is crucial to extending the life of your furnace. From lubricating moving parts, to cleaning the dust and grime inside the furnace, tune-ups can help rejuvenate and maintain the well-being of your system.

What benefits come from maintaining my furnace?

  1. Keeping your furnace healthy for as long as possible. Just like taking you and your family to the doctor every year for check-ups, furnace maintenance can detect any possible issues or concerns before the problem arises.
  2. Saving money on repairs. Tune-ups are important in making sure your system doesn’t break down. Cleaning, lubricating, and testing the interior parts of your furnace greatly affects not only how it will perform throughout the cold months, but to ensure it will keep performing.
  3. Making sure it is SAFE. Any professional HVAC company should be performing safety tests during your maintenance appointment to confirm that your furnace is safe. For example, testing for carbon monoxide leaks.
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Who should I choose to tune up my furnace? Gillette Heating & Air Conditioning is one of the few companies in Utah and Salt Lake County that performs extensive safety tests. It is extremely important to not only check if your furnace is working properly, but that there aren’t any leaks in your system that could be fatal.

Our 40-point inspection checklist will let you feel confident that your furnace will continue to keep your home warm and your family safe throughout winter.

Check out how you can get two included scheduled maintenance visits at no additional cost with our Membership Program and learn how to save 10% off all repairs.

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